Miyako Skinny Fit Denim

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  • Available in Size S, M, L & LL
  • Available in Indigo & One Wash
  • Material: 72% cotton 25% polyester 25% polyurethane 3%
  • Skinny Fit Dennim
  • Stretchy and easy to move
  • Environmentally friendly materials

Size Measurement

Waist x Hips x Total Length x Inseam x Cross width x Hem width
S (67.5cm x 83.5cm x 93cm x 71cm x 26cm x 13cm)
M (70.5cm x 86.5cm x 94.5cm x 72cm x 27cm x 13.5cm)
L (73.5cm x 89.5cm x 96.5cm x 73cm x 28cm x 14cm)
LL (76.5cm x 92.5cm x 98cm x 74cm x 29cm x 14.5cm)

Style Code: HA11L0F0200

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