Tracy Dress


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100% cotton

Introducing an organic blend dress that has a season-like look.
One of the seasonal faces has an over silhouette that wraps the body.
Featuring a neckline with a skipper design, you can achieve a feminine look.
Layered outfits such as leggings and rib pants are also recommended.

About the properties of the fabric
When spinning a yarn using natural materials, the knots of the fibers may be mixed.
When weaving threads with knots, streaks called neps may occur.
Due to the nature of natural materials, it is very difficult to spin a knotless and uniform yarn.
Please understand that NEP is a natural and simple taste of natural ingredients, enjoy it!

Free size

Bust: 162.4 cm

Length: 112 cm 

Sleeve length: 34.5 cm 

Sleeve length: 68 cm 

Shoulder width: 67 cm

See here for care instruction
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