Ankle Pants


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Material: Polyester 77% Rayon 20% Polyurethane 3%

American Holic focuses on the colors of women by giving them a sense of light and richness for a day to day apparel. Easy to be coordinated, American Holic proposes a theme of a playful woman from its casual style which gives stylish and natural touch for every activities.

Size Measurement:

  • S: Waist: 62 cm, Hip: 96 cm, Rise: 21 cm, Inseam: 64.5 cm, Around: 32 cm, Width: 14.5 cm
  • M: Waist: 67 cm, Hip: 101 cm, Rise: 21.5 cm, Inseam: 65.6 cm, Around: 33 cm, Width: 15 cm
  • L: Waist: 72 cm, Hip: 114 cm, Rise: 22 cm, Inseam: 65.6 cm, Around: 35 cm, Width: 15.5 cm
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